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The most common implementation in oracle 11g is using asm. During a switchover, the primary database transitions to a standby role and the standby database transitions to the. With this setup in place, the standby database is created and managed from oracle grid control as follows. These tools are available for download on the internet. Article i had written previously was the creation standby database with rman active database duplication. So primary database will be standby and standby database will be primary database. The broker simplifies switchovers and failovers by allowing you to invoke them using a single key click in oracle enterprise manager cloud control cloud control or a single command in the dgmgrl commandline interface referred to in this documentation as manual failover. The book oracle data guard has working examples of data guard switchoverfailover in the code depot download. A switchover can be used to reduce downtime for planned outages such as patching to the database or host os and hardware upgrades. Ora12514 on data guard switchover burleson consulting. Following a failover or switchover to the local standby database, the remote standby database in such a configuration will automatically recognize that a role transition has occurred and begin receiving redo from the new. How to performing switchover on oracle standby database.

In remote dba services, these type of oracle errors are very critical to manage if you havent access of some commands or not having more knowledge of operating system commands. Now the 11gr2 documentation before performing a switchover from an oracle rac primary database to a physical standby database, shut down all but one primary database instance. Hi folks i will mention dataguard switchover operation in this my post. In it, you have a minimum of two databases, primary and standby. Primary and standby database running on oracle linux server 6. Any primary database instances shut down at this time can be started after the switchover completes. It does not have the data guard feature, so, i did everything manually. Top oracle database 11g high availability best practices. Switchover is a two way process in oracle dataguard. There are many examples, and ritesh chhajer offers this example of doing a data guard switchover using dgmgrl. Please select multiple files and right click to download. Data guard has options for multiple standby sites as well as an activeactive configuration. Oracle 11g data guard switchover commands a complete look at dg technology tutorial 6. Oracle 11g data guard switchover and switchback data.

Oracle data guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to enable production oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions. A switchover is a role reversal between the primary database and one of its standby databases. Oracle data guard provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for data availability and protection that are included with oracle database enterprise edition. Oracle 11g installation with asm and data guard setup dba.

A s witchover is a role reversal between the primary database and one of its standby databases. During a switchover, the primary database transitions to a standby role and the standby database. The active data guard in oracle database 11g has brought significant changes in the existing architecture. You will learn about supported switchover commands for oracle data guard. After the switch, the primary will turn into the standby database and the standby into the primary. Manual switchover standby database switchover is a process of dataguard whether we can switch roles of a primary database to standby and a standby database to primary at runtime without loss of data and viceversa can also be done after performing another switchover.

If the switchover was to a logical standby database, only check the other logical oracle instance and the original primary database for new archived log files. Performing switchover in 11gr2 standby steps dba tutorials. This document will detail the steps to perform a manual switchover. The switchover is successful but the broker cannot restart the primary instance. Switchover in 12c is still the same, but new features have been incorporated and.

Installation guides and general oracle database 11g documentation are here. Enable flashback database for reinstatement after failover. Goldengate switchover and failover moving users from the primary to the standby site is performed as a planned switchover or unplanned failover situation. In a switchover the primary database is transitioned to the standby role and the standby database is transitioned to the primary role. My purpose on this post is a quick stepbystep on how to perform a switchover on an oracle physical standby database.

The oracle instance can be in managed recovery mode or open for read only. Review the certification matrix for this product here. Oracle 10g 11g, oracle ias 10g, rman, dataguard, datapump exportimport, enterprise manager 10g 11g 12c, sqlplus, toad, awr, unix, aix, linux. Oracle data guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. Oracle database 11g release 2 for microsoft windows x64. By activeactive, it means bothall sites are up, running, and accessible. Data guard switchover tips burleson oracle consulting. Query a oracle instance to verify that the recent changes on the new primary database are propagated and applied to the standby databases. There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting a standby database to be the next primary database after a switchover or a failover. A switchover is for wellplanned specific system maintenance tasks such as primary site database upgrade, standby operating system upgrade, etc. Each cluster node runs an oracle instance that is used to interact with the database. This is typically done for planned maintenance of the primary system. Active data guard and oracle data guard 11g are related technologies, each having a different area of focus. A switchover guarantees no data loss and is typically done for.

Pdf role of oracle active data guard in high availability. Overview switchover on oracle data guard 11g youtube. Verify that the oracle instance is in archivelog mode. Switchover to physical standby database in oracle 11g. Oracle database 11g release 2 data guard setup using oracle grid control. Problems while performing switchover oracle 11g oracle. Users can connect to any one of the oracle instances to run their applications. After that we open new standby database mount mode. If the database is open for query, the switchover operation will take longer to complete. I have setup a primary 11g database which successfully ships and applies logs to a single standby on the same server as expected. Time for action switchover with a logical standby using.

You can refer here, for two node rac to rac dataguard setup in 11gr2 and also we are using the same configuration from the. Oracle 12cstep by step manual switchover data guard switchover operation procedure. Time for action switchover with a logical standby using broker perform the following steps to change the roles of the primary and logical standby databases. Configuring oracle database 11g with oracle data guard. So, primary database will operate as standby and standby will operate as primary database. Get oracle data guard 11g handbook now with oreilly online learning. In this article, i will write about how to switchover from the previous article scenario. For an oracle rac database, only one primary instance and one standby instance can be active during a switchover where the target database is a physical standby. This paper will study these changes and will see how. Role transition is divided into two basic functions. In this article we will look at oracle 11g installation with asm storage and also setup. To perform a switchover, navigate to the setup and manage screen, select the standby server you wish to become the new primary server, then click the switchover button. Step by step oracle 11gr2 rac standby database switchover.

Oraclebase oracle database 11g release 2 data guard. Performing switchover with no broker manual overview. Oracle data guard with oracle database 11g release 2. Standard edition, standard edition one, and enterprise edition. Oracle data guard 11g overview switchover on oracle data. Check the configuration of selection from oracle data guard 11gr2 administration beginners guide book.

This way of role transition where the current primary database starts behaving as a physical standby and on the other hand the current physical standby database starts behaving as a primary database. In my previous article we have covered how to configured oracle 11g data guard on centos 6. Switchover operation guarantees zero data loss and most of time it is planned operation. Oracle 12cstep by step manual data guard switchover.

Step by step oracle 11gr2 rac standby database switchover description. Switchover to physical standby database in oracle 11g once the standby database is configured and works fine then we can switchover to standby database for testing purpose to reduce the primary database downtime. Switchover and failover operations oracle help center. As part of managing the switchover, the broker automatically does the following. You need to consider all of the options at the time you are building your data guard configuration, including factors such as the characteristics of physical standbys versus logical standbys. Primary database may need downtime for many reasons like os upgradation, hardwares upgradation and for many other issues. Let us consider, we have already configured primary site with two node rac and standby site also with two node rac in 11gr2. The oracle instance should be placed in archivelog mode before switching over the role. Data guard is oracle 12cs true disaster protection technology. Switchover is role trade off between primary and standby database. A switchover consists of the change of roles between the primary and standby database. For complete details on doing a data guard switchover, see the book oracle data guard by bipul kumar. In this article, let us do the two node rac to rac manual switchover steps.

Manual switchover standby database in oracle 10g find. A database can be in one of two mutually exclusive modes primary or standby. Download and unzip both files to the same directory. After configuring data guard, databases would be either primary and standby database role, and we can altered these roles without loss of data or without resetting logs called switchover. Top oracle database 11g high availability best practices joseph meeks director, product management frank kobylanski principal, technical staff maa development vinod haval, vp global database product manager bank of america. Sqlalter database commit to switchover to physical standby with session. A switchover is ty pically used to reduce p rimary database downtime during planned outages, such as operating system or hardware upgrades, or rolling upgrades of the oracle database software and patch sets described in chapter 12, using sql apply to upgrade the oracle database. Data guard helps you change the role of a database using either a switchover or a failover. Manual switchover without dataguard in oracle dbametrix. Worked on 11g and 12c grid control experience in setting up asm disk groups and golden gate. I have setup a primary 11g database which successfully ships and applies logs to a single standby on.

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